Down By The Lock

Photography By Gurpreet Kaur (Youtube/Instagram)
Featuring Priya Renoo (Instagram/Blog)

Blue Faux Fur Coat – Topshop
Black Pinstripe Denim Jacket – Topman
Black Pinstripe Original Fit Jeans – Topman
Neon Green Knitted Jumper – Topshop
White Fila Disruptor II – JD Sports
Black Cross Body Bag – Versus Versace
Black Mirrored Feline Eye Sunglasses – Topshop 
Black Seat Belt Buckle Belt – Topman

Hey guys, guess who’s back with a new look? Me, obviously! Once again I had the pleasure of being joined by my girl Priya to bring you a 6FT AND ABOVE first, collaborating with the beautiful Gurpreet Kaur who was our photographer for the day. Be sure to check out her work and stay tuned for many more collaborations with her.

As you can see I wasn’t playing with this look. I came dressed to kill and kill I did. Oh, and Priya did too! I know you’re all gagging over this blue faux fur coat so let’s start with that. So I wanted to go for something subtle obviously and well I went with this. A coat with all the things I love. Colour, comfort and texture. When I say this coat is so soft I mean it. It’s like stroking a cloud, assuming that clouds are soft and fluffy…and blue. The colour of it is to die for too, I mean just look at it. You all know I love colour and this electric blue is everything. You also know I love my co-ords so paired with this coat I’ve worn this lush denim pinstripe co-ord from Topman. I chose to go for something darker to make the colour of the coat pop that little bit more.

As if one pop of colour wasn’t enough. I chose to throw in another bold colour to add that colour blocking element. Underneath the co-ord I wore this beautiful piece of knit in this flourescent lime green. By layering the look it has allowed me to seperate the bold colours so they stand out alone and don’t clash. It also helps that I have chosen two colours that compliment each other and create this neon colour scheme. Everything in this outfit just works well with each other. The black co-ord makes a great contrast and makes the 2 colours stand out as well as the 2 colours bring out the co-ord and its pinstripes.

When it comes to shoes and accessories I kept it simple. I wore my white Fila disruptor II trainers to keep the look fresh and clean tying in with the white of the pinstripe in the co-ord. To hold up my jeans Ive worn this black seat belt buckle belt and to carry my goods I’ve flung on my Versus Versace cross body bag with hints of silver detailing keeping in line with all the other silver elements like my jewelry and sunglasses. Of course we all know a look is not complete without a pair of sunglasses. What do you think?

For full ouftit details on Priya’s look head on over to Priya Renoo Designs

Beau Patrol

Photography by Areena Rai (Instagram)

Toffee Vinyl Trench Coat – Topshop
Cream Denim Boiler Suit – Topshop
FILA Disruptor II Trainers – JD Sports
Black Cross Body Bag – Versus Versace
Black Feline Eye Sunglasses – Topshop

Hello beautiful people, I hope you’re as excited for this post as I am. It’s been a long time coming but I finally managed to do a shoot with my furry baby. This is well and truly a proud parent moment so without further ado, here’s a new look featuring my fluffy monkey Beau and let me tell you something if you love dogs you’ll love these photos. Honestly I’ve never seen so many people in awe over Beau that day, he was getting so much attention and yes I did get a bit jealous but it’s cool, green looks good on me!

I doubt you’ll read this because you’re all too busy gushing over my baby and hopefully me as well but if you are reading this then let’s talk about my look. As the perfectionist I am, I wanted to make sure that my outfit worked with my dog. I know…I’m terrible. My dog is not usually an accessory but I just wanted to make sure I looked just as fab as him and you could say that I wanted to make sure that everyone knew this cute bundle of fluff is mine. Cute just like his owner if I do say myself.

Let’s start with this tasty coat. I say tasty because it looks good enough to eat. I wanted to channel a warm look to work with Beau and this patent toffee coloured coat was perfect. We looked like toffee and cream. A worthers original. Tell me this coat isn’t dreamy, I dare you! I literally fell in love with it before it came into store. One of the privileges of being a Creative for Topshop is that I get to see some of the product before it comes into store and I immediately knew I needed this in my life and it has now become a staple coat in my wardrobe as it works with so many looks. On this day I decided to pair it with this cream denim boiler suit also from Topshop. As you can already see I was going for a neutral feel with my outfit and coincidentally the boiler suit matched with Beau. We practically looked like twins as he was also wearing his brown harness. I feel that without the coat, the overall look of the boiler suit alone would’ve been too bland and very one note with Beau so it was essential to have something to break up all the cream and add to the outfit and keep it current at the same time. Both of these colours are big in fashion right now and the fabrics used here are perfect for that transition in to Spring. Both garments have strong detailing with belts and buttons which add to this look and flatter my shape. Good tailoring creates good proportions.

Keeping this look fresh I chose to wear these white Fila disruptors which are new to my shoe collection and quite literally turning my trainer collection now to two pairs. Gasp moment indeed. I don’t usually wear trainers but I have recently rekindled my love for sports lux style and these are just perfect. Plus I’ve always wanted white trainers. I would usually pair a look like this with smarter shoes but seeing as I was engaging in something practical it seemed fitting to wear something a bit more suited to a day of lots of walking. I feel like the trainers also enhance the look so its a double win. As if I wasn’t bouji enough, I’ve worn my Versus Versace cross body bag and these pointy sunglasses. Although the bag is the only black piece in the look, it ties in perfectly with the black tint of the sunglasses. How do I look….I mean how do we look?

Also I’m not sorry for the amount of photos in this post. Just saying!

Pink Boulevard

Photography by Areena Rai (Instagram)

Cream Rollneck Sweater – Topman
Multi Tapestry Zip Through Overshirt – TopmanΒ 
Pink Corduroy Wide leg Trousers – Topman
Black Seat Belt Buckle Belt – Topman
1461 BEX Smooth – Dr. Martens

Hey hunny buns, we made it in to 2019 and more importantly through January. Just like that month was long, it has also been a while since my last post but the wait is no more. Here is a new look for you so get stuck in.

We’ve been fortunate the past week to have some decent weather and a bit of sunshine. If you’re not from the UK and unfamiliar with British weather then you should know that clear skies and sunshine are a rarity so us Brits try and savor every moment of it. As you can see I managed to do that and with Spring around the corner and the cold slowly shifting the coats can slowly start going back in the wardrobe. This particular day wasn’t too bad but the evenings still get a bit chilly so I’ve still used winter pieces and layered up while the seasons are still transitioning.

People often think that knitwear is only for winter but that is not always the case. Knitwear is and will always be a winter essential but is also a perfect piece that can adapt to each season. This outfit is a prime example of that. With pink being the main colour of this look I’ve chosen this cream roll neck to brighten up and create this refreshing and delicate colour palette made perfect for spring. It’s all about being smart with your wardrobe and having key pieces like this that are seasonal yet versatile and can also go from day-wear to night. Layering has always been a key thing for me when outfit building so on top of this roll neck I have worn this stunning overshirt from Topman which is now on sale by the way. This embroidered Aztec looking print is everything! Got to love a good textile piece. This item is also reasonably thick in material making it a great warm outer layer.

Proportions are another key thing when creating outfits. For my bottoms I’ve gone for these pink wide leg cord Trousers which are also in sale now. With the box shape of the overshirt and the trousers being a wide leg I have decided to tuck in the roll neck to prevent the outfit looking to frumpy. The trousers also come with an attached ring-detailed chain that is fixed to the belt loops on the waist of the trousers. If you have not already noticed I always like my trousers cropped or ankle length so to go along with these vintage silhouettes I have put on a pair of white socks paired with my Dr. Martens which helps break up the colours a bit. To help clean up the look I have worn this seat belt buckle belt. I must say I love the fastening of this belt and the way it can be adjusted to fit any size without having belt holes. What do you think of this look?

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