Happy Every Day


Photography by Glen Wallington (Instagram)

Black Lace Up High-Wasted Jamie Jeans – Topshop

Cactus Print Shirt – Topshop

Boots – Topman

Double Buckle Belt – Topshop

Faux Leather Jacket – Forever 21

Hey guys, what’s new? Just another day for you too then? As we all know Valentines day is today and even though I’m partnered I don’t really celebrate this so called “special” day. I honestly don’t see what’s the point when you have 24/7 365 days a year to make the one you love happy. Anyways moving on, whether you’re all lovey dovey in love or forever alone here’s a new look to feast your eyes upon that involves just another ordinary day. Once again I’m channeling my inner cowboy. Before we begin let me just add that I recently found a new BIGGER and BOLDER hat that would have been perfect for this look. I wish I could have shot it with this outfit but to redo the shoot would mean discarding these great images (mainly because they are of me). Although it makes me sad that I found true love in hat form after this shoot, the show must go on!

Let’s start things off with these jeans. As you all know I like my black skinny jeans but these baby’s bring something new to the table. With their cool lace-up lattice detail they bring that extra edge whether it be rock ‘n’ roll or cowboy couture.

With these jeans I’ve tucked in a white vest with this long sleeved shirt on top. I love cacti so much that it only made sense to wear them too! Obviously not the real things but you know what I mean. There’s a good way and a bad way to make a printed shirt and clearly this one has ticked all the right boxes. These quirky print shirts can always go badly with the outcome of them looking tacky and cheap but the use of subtle colours, fabric and great imagery the overall look of this shirt and its quality is far from that.

Lets move on to these boots. These boots were made for walking, better yet stomping all over the competition. These black leather harness boots are now one of my favourite shoes to wear. Not only are they comfortable, they make a great accessory especially with the ring on the harness. I’m like a magpie when it comes to shiny things! With the boots being leather it made sense to wear more leather which is where this double buckle leather belt and faux leather jacket come in overall creating another western inspired look. What do you think?

I hope you like it and until next time, have a good week and expect loads of Valentines day posts!





















Photography by Glen Wallington (Instagram)

Moto Bleach Straight Embroidered Jeans – Topshop

White Vest – Topman

Satin Souvenir Bomber Jacket – Zara

Black Leather Clutch Bag – Topman Premium

Black Leather Alias shoe – AllSaints

Mix Crinkle Shirt – Topshop

Bronson Fedora – AllSaints

Round Framed Sunglasses – Topman

Hey guys, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a good lead in to the new year. Hopefully I’m not the only one when I say that I wasn’t in the spirit this year so I’m going to skip straight past any festive posts and give you a look that I’ve been meaning to post for quite some time now.  I’m sure you guys have noticed that I haven’t been posting much lately mainly down to the fact that I have been dealing with the most difficult time in my life. Due to that I decided to take a break but I am back now so here goes.

To start off the new year here’s one last look from 2016. New year, old me! To help welcome the New Year I have acquired the help from a good friend and fellow blogger Priya from Priya Renoo Designs. As we both work together and have lives outside of work its very rare that we are both free the same day. Even though we do work together we never have time to catch up so I guess this day was a blessing in disguise.

Obviously we planned ahead and decided to take a trip somewhere new and went to Kyoto Garden in Holland Park. This Japanese memorial garden inspired us to create looks influenced by Far Eastern culture which is in trend at the moment. For My look I used a lot of basic representations of Japanese traits. As you can see I’ve used a few embroidered pieces in this look. Let’s start with the jacket typically known as a souvenir jacket or ‘sukajan’. Originating in post-WWII Japan, these jackets were commissioned by American soldiers to commemorate their time overseas  which included vibrant, elaborate hand-crafted designs, mixing both Eastern and Western themes. Japanese/chinese dragons, tigers, koi, cherry blossoms and military iconography, making them a great fashion collab. This satin souvenir jacket from Zara has the traditional Japanese waves with a koi fish swimming up stream embroidered on the back. In order to not dim down the jacket, I have paired it with a plain white vest and a black and white mix crinkle shirt. Now, I don’t usually wear blue jeans but these straight leg jeans from Topshop had me sold. Everything from shape, denim colour and the finer details like the shredding and the embroidered birds just drew me in. These little subtle details just tied in with the jacket and completed the look. A great location for a great look.

Make sure you see the full details of Priya’s look and head over to her blog.



















Photography by Glen Wallington (Instagram)

Lux Pink Textured T-shirt – Topman Lux

Floral Print Tailored Shorts – Topman

Round Frame Sunglasses – Topman

Clutch/Laptop case – Gentlemen’s Hardware

Black/Brown Paisley Bandana – Topman

Jimmy Tan Leather Sandals – Office

Brown Leather Belt with Western Buckle – ASOS

Feather Earring – Vintage

Saying goodbye to Summer.

Hey guys, it’s that time of year we start putting away our summer essentials. The days are getting colder and darker so it means it’s time to put the legs away. As we leave Summer ’16 behind, we shall leave it on a high with one last summery post.

Let’s begin with these shorts. Remind you of your grandma’s curtains? They’re far from boring that’s for sure. This dated print looks great with the proportions of these short shorts. If the shorts were longer it probably would be too much. The perfect balance. The floral pattern and subtle shades of purple and blues create a certain nostalgic feeling. That’s exactly what I was going with for this look. Pairing these statement shorts with pastels helps tone down the bold print and creates an overall earthy western-inspired aesthetic.

This T-shirt from Topman Lux was the perfect match for these vintage looking. although it has a boxy fit, it gives the outfit a modern twist but continuing the idea of that perfect balance.

The final details help create this western inspired look. Adding a bandana A.K.A a neckerchief in this instant, adds an extra flare. I didn’t want to be too literal with the whole western aesthetic by throwing on cliché pieces like a cowboy hat. Instead little touches like my vintage feather earring styled with my parted hair create a relaxed native look. As it was summer when I did this shoot, I wore my tan leather sandals and accessorized with a matching tan leather belt with a nice shiny western buckle and a tan and grey clutch to compliment the pastels. Last of all I have my bling bling as I never leave without it all. Funnily enough even my fabric woven bracelets, that I never take off…..EVER, work well with this look. Oh and my septum piercing felt like doing it’s own thing by the looks of things!

I’d love to hear from you guys – feel free to leave a comment below and let me know what you think. You find me on Instagram and you can also subscribed to my YouTube channel here