Spring Fling


Photography by Priya Renoo (Instagram)

Mint Green Knitted Scarf – Handmade by Priya Renoo Designs

 Navy Super Soft Knitted Hybrid Jumper –  Topshop

Mid Blue Stretch Skinny Jeans – Topman

Black Leather Alias Shoes – AllSaints

Black Brando Fringe Clutch Bag – Dr. Martens 

Hey biscuit heads, getting ready for the summer holidays? Flowers blooming aside, has Spring even sprung yet? The weather is still the same ol’ doom and gloom #britishexpectations. Although it has been dry I’m sure we are all asking where has Mr. Sunshine gone?With the weather slowly but surely getting warmer and with Summer just around the corner we can slowly wean off the coats and jackets but let’s not all be too hasty about it. Just because the weather has been a bit warmer and dry it doesn’t mean we should step out in our bikinis, mankinis, zucchini’s whatever. British weather can change in the blink of an eye which is why you need to start off with minor changes like what I have done here.

So on this fine Spring day, I decided to ditch the coat and venture out in this amazing hybrid jumper. Yes it’s all in one. If you haven’t realised, the jumper has a shirt like underlay on the hem and on the ends of the sleeves. It gives the illusion of layering just without actually layering making it the perfect piece for transitioning to your spring/summer wardrobe.

I’ve never had such a struggle trying to find a pair of jeans to go with an outfit. The safest option would have been to wear my black skinnies with this jumper but I wanted to do something different. I literally raided my wardrobe and found an old pair of jeans that I haven’t worn in a long time and I mean I’m talking years. They were the perfect shade of blue. It’s just a shame that they’re Topman jeans. If any of you guys have seen my YouTube videos you would know my struggle with the fits of Topman jeans. This specific pair aren’t that bad with the fit to be honest as I CAN actually bend in them but they are a bit tight in the crotch department. Either way, the only time you’ll see me in these jeans is for this look.

Okay so you have seen something old, something blue, scenery borrowed and now let me show you something NEW!! Have a look at this scarf. Isn’t it gorgeous? It’s not just any scarf, this beauty is handmade and was given to me as a Christmas present from a very close friend and fellow colleague, Priya. The best gift EVER! I love everything about it from its colour to the intricate detailing. As some of you should know green is my favourite colour and this minty shade brings something fresh to the table. Green is a colour that can go terribly wrong but if the right shade/hue is used it can make for a good garment. Priya’s choice of a pastel pallet is perfect and it really just highlights the amount of detail she has put into this scarf. I love the woven pattern with the leaf like looking detail but lets not forget the tassel ends. Gotta love a bit of a tassel. It just gives the whole thing movement and it gives me something else to shake if you know what I mean. Anyways moving on.

Lastly let’s just take in this beautiful fringed clutch from Dr. Martens. Another brand that I can’t get enough of. If anything you could say I’m literally always sliding into the DM’s. As always I must have something matching in my outfits. So why not keep it simple and classic by matching the accessory with the shoes. What do you think?

– I’ve added the link for the Super Soft Knitted Hybrid Jumper in Raspberry (which I also have) as the Navy is no longer online –































Photography by Kristel Vigo (Instagram)

Black Beanie Hat – Vans Off The Wall

Slayer Hoodie by And Finally – Topshop

Black Vinyl High-Waisted Jamie Jeans – Topshop

Black Teddy Bear Coat – Topman

NOX Vortex Trainers – Underground

Hey boys and girls, how’s it going? I’ve recently been getting back into making videos for my YouTube channel so yes, I’ve been multitasking like crazy. Feel free to check out my channel whenever you’re waiting for a new post but right now stay right here as I’m bringing you a new look!

Right let’s just start with the jeans because I’m dying to talk about them. They’re technically not a jean because of the material but they are the Topshop fit that I adore. They are Jamie jeans, the best style of jean that Topshop do. If you know, then you know. If you don’t know, NOW you know!!! They are like a coated jean but more extreme. The material is vinyl which gives them this glossy plastic look which I absolutely love. Although they are an effort to get on these chicken legs of mine, they are well worth the struggle. Really they are the best thing for me as I am also a messy eater so if I do spill anything on my lap I can just simply wipe it off. It’s a win win situation! Overall they exude a very Rock ‘n’ roll/S&M aesthetic and that’s exactly what I was going for for today’s look.

To keep this outfit edgey I paired the bottoms with and black branded hoodie. Slayer is printed on the hoodie and although I’m not a big listener of the band I was more interested in the actual look of the hoodie. I fell in love with the flames and knew immediately they would be the perfect match for these jeans. Although I’m wearing black on black the shiny effect of the jeans against these vibrant orange and yellow flames create the ultimate contrast of textures and gives a real sense of movement. You can never have too much black so on top of that I threw on my black faux teddy bear coat and accessorized with more black.

Moral of the story is that even with all black everything, you can still play with textures to bring life to an outfit.
























Happy Every Day


Photography by Glen Wallington (Instagram)

Black Lace Up High-Wasted Jamie Jeans – Topshop

Cactus Print Shirt – Topshop

Boots – Topman

Double Buckle Belt – Topshop

Faux Leather Jacket – Forever 21

Hey guys, what’s new? Just another day for you too then? As we all know Valentines day is today and even though I’m partnered I don’t really celebrate this so called “special” day. I honestly don’t see what’s the point when you have 24/7 365 days a year to make the one you love happy. Anyways moving on, whether you’re all lovey dovey in love or forever alone here’s a new look to feast your eyes upon that involves just another ordinary day. Once again I’m channeling my inner cowboy. Before we begin let me just add that I recently found a new BIGGER and BOLDER hat that would have been perfect for this look. I wish I could have shot it with this outfit but to redo the shoot would mean discarding these great images (mainly because they are of me). Although it makes me sad that I found true love in hat form after this shoot, the show must go on!

Let’s start things off with these jeans. As you all know I like my black skinny jeans but these baby’s bring something new to the table. With their cool lace-up lattice detail they bring that extra edge whether it be rock ‘n’ roll or cowboy couture.

With these jeans I’ve tucked in a white vest with this long sleeved shirt on top. I love cacti so much that it only made sense to wear them too! Obviously not the real things but you know what I mean. There’s a good way and a bad way to make a printed shirt and clearly this one has ticked all the right boxes. These quirky print shirts can always go badly with the outcome of them looking tacky and cheap but the use of subtle colours, fabric and great imagery the overall look of this shirt and its quality is far from that.

Lets move on to these boots. These boots were made for walking, better yet stomping all over the competition. These black leather harness boots are now one of my favourite shoes to wear. Not only are they comfortable, they make a great accessory especially with the ring on the harness. I’m like a magpie when it comes to shiny things! With the boots being leather it made sense to wear more leather which is where this double buckle leather belt and faux leather jacket come in overall creating another western inspired look. What do you think?

I hope you like it and until next time, have a good week and expect loads of Valentines day posts!