Jardins de Santa Clotilde


Photography by myself (Instagram) and Glen Wallington (Instagram)

Leaf Print Shirt – River Island

Beige Shorts – Topman

Black Brando Gryphon Sandals – Dr Martens (click here)

Sunglasses – Topman

Beige Canvas/Brown suede Totebag – TK Maxx

Hello beautiful people, hope you’re all enjoying the summer. As we all know kids have broken up from school and it’s now the time for that relaxing holiday whether it be with the whole family, friends or just with that special someone you love. I haven’t posted in a while so I thought I might as well give you two posts in one. A lifestyle post with an inspired holiday look too.  As it’s the peek season for holidays, I’m reliving my holiday in Spain and bringing you some well needed peace and tranquility with this picturesque setting. So let’s begin with the beautiful ‘Jardins de Santa Clotilde’.

With green being my favourite colour, there’s no better place to be. Not every holiday needs to be loud and hectic. We have enough of that in our lives when we are at home with reality so it’s always nice to step back and appreciate some peace and quiet. You get a real sense of history and culture exploring something beautiful as this. Plus you get to avoid masses of people! Also you don’t have to splash the cash to have some quality time with the ones you love. This garden was about a half an hour walk from where me and the other half were staying on the coast Lloret De Mar. This garden situated on the cliff tops just adds to the all that beauty. A landscape with a view!

Now on to the outfit. With all this greenery around, it made sense to channel all that nature into my look by wearing this leaf print shirt. I guess I wanted to be one with the surroundings and blend in rather than distracingt and standing out among this sea of green. To continue with this neutral look I paired up these beige shorts to compliment the green hues in the shirt. Going to the base of the outfit and down to my feet, I’ve stuck with my Gryphon sandals from Dr. Martens. Something durable and comfortable to wear when there’s a lot of walking involved. To hold all my gadgets and gizmos like that tourist I am, I’ve used this brown and beige dual textured tote bag which again ties in with the rest of the look. If you think about it, this outfit in a way emulates a plant. The dark base representing the earth and dirt where the roots are buried, as you go up we have the body of the plant made up of neutrals and at the top we have the foliage. I guess I have discovered my true identity. I’m a tree! Do you see the resemblance?

Expect to see loads of photos and a holiday video (also on YouTube) featuring an appearance or 2 of the other half. Enjoy!













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Photography by Glen Wallington (Instagram)

Black Classic Patch Snapback Hat – Vans Off the Wall (click here)

White Vest – Topman (click here)

Cactus Print Short Sleeve Shirt – Topman (click here)

Black Denim Shorts – Topman

Black Brando Gryphon Sandals – Dr. Martens (click here)

Transparent Casper Bag – Lazy Oaf

Hello everyone. This post is the second installment from my holiday in Spain. I will be showing you how to make that perfect evening outfit without having to buy a whole new holiday wardrobe. It all starts when you find yourself doing that crucial holiday shop. Often you feel like you need a completely new wardrobe for holiday. You feel like you can’t be seen in photos wearing something you wore last year, am I right? My views were the same and I say ‘were’ because this year I decided to dig out some old clothes to make some new outfits. In with the old and maybe some new. Okay, so I did still do a small shop to buy a few new things but majority of my outfits are put together from items I’ve had in my closet for at least 1-2 years.

Let’s start off with the only new addition in this outfit. Just look at this cactus print shirt from Topman, it’s to die for! This was actually an impulse buy when I was intentionally shopping for a pair of white shorts – of which you will see in one of my upcoming posts. Like I said before everything else in this outfit is fairly old. Who’s to say that they are not still wearable? There’s always a way to recycle those old clothes and make a new outfit without digging too deep into your bank account. You always need that bold print shirt whenever you go on holiday and I’m sure I have more than enough. For an evening look, you can’t go wrong with a shirt. If you’re going to go bold with the shirt it’s best to keep the rest of the outfit plain and colour blocked. No pattern clashes here. I’ve kept this look quite casual with black shorts and a vest and snapback. The hat can also be removed and the shirt can be done up too to create a smarter, cleaner look. I’ve paired the outfit with a practical sandal for maximum comfort whether it’s a stroll on the beachfront or raving it up in the club. Trainers are a good substitute too. As the shirt is so vibrant I’ve used my casper bag to add to the quirkiness. I’ve kept the rest of the outfit very monochrome as the shirt brings all the colour making it the main focus of the outfit. By making the shirt the statement piece, it means that you can just swap the shirt for another garment whether it be a top or another shirt to make yet another outfit. Not only are you creating another look, you are also using the same outfit pieces to do so. There are so many other ways to switch up an outfit to make another, whether it’s taking the shirt off completely for a more laid back look or even changing the shorts. Try it for yourself and see what you think!


















On The Rocks


Photography by Glen Wallington (Instagram)

Ellesse Vest – TK Maxx

Peacock Print Swim Shorts – Topman

Black Brando Gryphon Sandals – Dr. Martens (click here)

Round Frame Sunglasses – Topman

Black Classic Patch Snapback Hat – Vans Off the Wall (click here)

Hey guys, how was my holiday I hear you ask? Well let’s just say reality is sinking back in. With politics being the hot topic at the moment especially with the madness that is the EU Referendum I think it’s right to take everyone’s mind off things and enlighten you with my holiday.

Anyway this is the first of a few more posts to come to do with those essentials that everyone needs for their holiday. So in this post I’m going to show you how to create that all purpose day outfit. This shoot was actually done on our first day in Spain. The first day is always the day to be sorting and planning excursions to get the rest of the holiday set and in motion. Usually people like to relax on the first day while planning but if you’re anything like me I like to be on the move and actually see new things which is why I use the first day to scope out the area I’m staying in and that in itself is an adventure. Plus you always find areas/excursions that you’re hotel doesn’t promote or offer.

Moving on, Let’s talk about the outfit! This day to day outfit was created with the idea to be suited for multiple scenarios and to break down for different purposes. You can obviously see there is not much to the outfit but that is a good thing. You don’t want to be too overdressed, how else are you gonna soak up the sun and get a nice tan? Minimal is best when you’re on holiday. If you haven’t already guessed, I am wearing swim shorts. During the day it’s always good to wear swim shorts especially if you don’t know what that day has in store for you. The vibrant peacock pattern on these swim shorts makes them perfect to be worn as part of a casual outfit too which is what I have done here. If you are venturing away from the pool it’s sometimes best to bring a top or a vest. I have paired these amazing swim shorts with an Ellesse vest that compliments the green and blue hues. The main colour of the vest is blue which works great with the shorts. On top of that the logo brings a fresh and current feel to the look. Depending what it is you are doing on holiday its always ideal to put aside the flip flops and wear a good pair of sandals….especially if you are climbing a mountain path like me. There’s nothing better than a good pair of Dr. Martens sandals! These Gryphon sandals are just spectacular. With their two side buckles you don’t have to worry about tackling those long flights of steps and losing a shoe in the process. Leave those flip flops by the pool! At the same time your feet can still breathe plus who doesn’t want awkward tan lines on their feet? Don’t worry you can always find that one place that you can just take it all off, again like me …..well apart from the shorts anyway. On the adventure we came across this little cove formed by a landslide and of course I had to do my shoot there.  You must always expect the unexpected. As you can now see, the swim shorts have come into play and it was time to take a dip. Being able to just take off a few things and have another outfit without having to change makes this a perfect casual holiday outfit. With the sun being a natural heater too, you never have to worry about drying yourself off after a splash and you can just carry on with the adventure. What do you think? Versatile enough for you? For you guys I’ve even thrown in a cheeky selfie.