From Paris With Love

Black Beret – Topshop

Premium Knit – Topshop

Structured Jacket With Navy Ribbon Sleeve Detail – COS

Black Slim Leg Trousers – Topman

Black Leather Alias Shoe – Allsaints

Round Frame Sunglasses – Topman

Brando Black Fringe Clutch – Dr. Martens

Happy New Year guys and gals, it’s been a while. I haven’t blogged in quite some time now, mainly down to the fact that I have been living life without a laptop. My laptop decided to give up on me and stop working but there’s no need to be sad anymore! After what seems to have been forever, I am back – hopefully you didn’t miss me too much. I finally have a new lappy after months of hard graft, blood, sweat and even a few tears to earn those coins as we can’t all just be rich. If only the struggle could be less real. I currently don’t have anything new to show but somehow I already have two holidays booked this year so I guess that’s a plus. With that said I thought we could take a trip back to last year April when I did go Paris and totally forgot to do a post so go make a cuppa and sit down because I have loads of pictures.

Where do I begin? Right so this was my first time in France, yes surprising I know when the UK and France are practically neighbours. With Paris being the “City of Love” and with it coming up to the 4th anniversary with my partner, I decided to treat us both to a 2 day getaway where we’d actually celebrate our anniversary. A hopeless romantic I know. With only having a short stay there I made sure we got a lot done in fact I pre-planned the whole trip. Our hotel was pretty much central of all the main attractions, which was perfect, so we ended up doing both days on foot. A holiday and a workout all in one. We knew we wouldn’t get to see everything so we chose the ones we wanted to see the most so let’s start with the closest landmark to the hotel and work on from that. First up was the Notre-Dame Cathedral.

What a sight! Growing up one of my favourite films was ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’ and I would hope that one day I would get to see in real life if this magnificent cathedral looked anything as good as its depiction. Well it happened and I must say that I was not disappointed. It was everything I thought it would be and to see it in all its glory and to hear those bells was truly spectacular. It just felt so nostalgic being there, even saw a gypsy or two but no Esmerelda though. Sadly we didn’t go inside mainly down to the fact that there were huge queues and we were on a tight schedule. Plus I just hate people haha. With So much to see with so little time it was time to move on to the next attraction. Next up on our walk was Musee du Louvre.

So this was one queue we did stay in line for. We spent around 2 hrs in the queue but it was all worth it just to see Miss Mona Lisa herself. I haven’t included pictures of the artwork or the interior as I don’t want to ruin the experience for anyone else so all I can do is recommend that you go, seriously. I didn’t realise how big the museum is. We were there for a good few hours and we still didn’t manage to see everything. I could have easily spent the whole day there but we still had more of Paris to see. Also a good thing to know for if and when you do go is that visitors under 18 or 18- 25 year old residents of the EU have free admission so if you fit that criteria it’s more of a reason to go. Okay, moving on to the last attraction on our list. Can you guess what it is?

Yes, it’s the Eiffel Tower. I obviously saved the best for last. The tower of all towers. Another queue worth waiting in line for. The whole trip I was like an excited puppy and you can see why. Just look at this beauty. From the ground looking up it didn’t look that high but I immediately took back that remark when I got to the top. I’m usually fine with heights but being that high just made me a little but uneasy but not for too long. I didn’t get to see all of Paris from the ground but I sure did see all of Paris up there and boy was it spectacular. You can’t beat a 360 degree view of Paris.

Obviously when in Paris one must look Tres Chic so hopefully one did not disappoint. What do you think?

Tourist photos here:

Colour Splash


Photography by Glen Wallington (Instagram)

Black Roll Neck Jumper – Topman

Triple Stripe Jumper by Boutique – Topshop Boutique

Tall Electric Blue Longline Coat – Topshop

Green Tailored Peg Trousers- Topshop

Black Leather Alias Shoes – AllSaints

Black Brando Fringe Clutch Bag – Dr. Martens

Chrome Finish Sunglasses – River Island

For full outfit details of Priyas’ look head over to Priya Renoo Designs.

Hey boys and girls, I hope you haven’t missed me too much. If you didn’t already know, I’ve had a lovely two week holiday in Greece and now I’m already settling back into reality. I have a post coming soon all to do with my little getaway but in the meantime here’s an outfit that was meant to be posted before I left. Hopefully the lack of tanned skin and the multiple layering gave that away!

Okay, so this shoot was done around the beginning of May before we had the hot weather. Once again hopefully the layering in this look gave that away. I collaborated again with my girl Priya, from Priya Renoo Designs, to show you our individual spin with the styling of our tailored peg trousers. As you can see we both have the same trousers but in two different yet amazing and vibrant colours. It just seemed logical to join forces and together bring you a post centered around these staple trousers. We both went for 2 totally different looks and that in itself just shows how versatile these peg trousers are. Where I went for a smart and bold look with layering and colour blocking, Priya opted for a more laid back look contrasting pastel lilacs against harsh greys. I will be giving you a run down of my look but for more details on Priya’s outfit head on over to her blog.

Right so let’s start with the trousers as we’re all ready on them. They came in a small variation of colours i.e. green, blue, lilac and white. As you can see I went for green. Although the colour code of the trousers is green they are more of a tourqise or even a jade green. Either way they just pop and that’s what drew me in. The colour on its own is eye catching enough but when paired with certain colours it either exagerates the vibrancy or softens it. I tried to show both examples by playing with the layering so when adding or removing certain layers it imediately changes the look. So for the base layer I started with a plain black roll neck. These 2 just themselves work well together not just because obviously black goes with everything but because they compliment each other perfectly. The black is bold in itself but also doesnt take away the focus from the trousers. It just enhances the colour and makes them more distinct.

The next layer is the triple stripe jumper adding more depth to the outift. As you can see it is still monochrome to tie in with the roll neck but brings a new dimention to the look. I bet you’re thinking “a roll neck and then a jumper? He must be roasting”. All I can say to that is that you can never be to prepared for british weather. Anyways with the extra layer the focus is now on the top half. The colour is still there but now I have thrown in pattern. I have chosen this geometric pattern to tone down the trousers but to still keep this look crisp, clean and sharp. The clever placement of the vertical lines in white, grey and black almost play with the eyes and create an illusion.

Now when you’re still not hot enough with those layers why not just throw on a coat too. This is where things get even more interesting! I decided to take things one step further by adding in this electric blue coat. I was influenced by the artist Mondrian when I decided to bring in the coat to create a very cubism/mod inspired look with the bold colours and geometric patterns. What’s great is that these two striking colours don’t clash and work hand in hand with each other. Usually with clothes so bold it usually makes them fall in to the category of not for the everyday wear. However here it goes to show that although these three layers create an amazing look together, they can also be worn as seperates giving you multiple wears out of the trousers and different outfits to wear them with. So who said trousers had to be boring? Not me! Some days strut around and make a statement. Don’t be like everyone else hiding in a sea of black, be that flash of colour and stand out!

To complete every outfit of course you need to have shoes on and bag to carry all of your necessities, well duuh. So as usual I’ve worn black leather shoes and a black leather clutch to link with the black in the outfit. For extra drama, how about those glasses? I’m the biggest magpie going and I just love my bling so when I found these chrome glasses and just fell in love. They just finish off the outfit perfectly and match the small details in this outfit i.e. the jewelry and silver button fasteners on the coat and clutch. What do you think?


























Spring Fling


Photography by Priya Renoo (Instagram)

Mint Green Knitted Scarf – Handmade by Priya Renoo Designs

 Navy Super Soft Knitted Hybrid Jumper –  Topshop

Mid Blue Stretch Skinny Jeans – Topman

Black Leather Alias Shoes – AllSaints

Black Brando Fringe Clutch Bag – Dr. Martens 

Hey biscuit heads, getting ready for the summer holidays? Flowers blooming aside, has Spring even sprung yet? The weather is still the same ol’ doom and gloom #britishexpectations. Although it has been dry I’m sure we are all asking where has Mr. Sunshine gone?With the weather slowly but surely getting warmer and with Summer just around the corner we can slowly wean off the coats and jackets but let’s not all be too hasty about it. Just because the weather has been a bit warmer and dry it doesn’t mean we should step out in our bikinis, mankinis, zucchini’s whatever. British weather can change in the blink of an eye which is why you need to start off with minor changes like what I have done here.

So on this fine Spring day, I decided to ditch the coat and venture out in this amazing hybrid jumper. Yes it’s all in one. If you haven’t realised, the jumper has a shirt like underlay on the hem and on the ends of the sleeves. It gives the illusion of layering just without actually layering making it the perfect piece for transitioning to your spring/summer wardrobe.

I’ve never had such a struggle trying to find a pair of jeans to go with an outfit. The safest option would have been to wear my black skinnies with this jumper but I wanted to do something different. I literally raided my wardrobe and found an old pair of jeans that I haven’t worn in a long time and I mean I’m talking years. They were the perfect shade of blue. It’s just a shame that they’re Topman jeans. If any of you guys have seen my YouTube videos you would know my struggle with the fits of Topman jeans. This specific pair aren’t that bad with the fit to be honest as I CAN actually bend in them but they are a bit tight in the crotch department. Either way, the only time you’ll see me in these jeans is for this look.

Okay so you have seen something old, something blue, scenery borrowed and now let me show you something NEW!! Have a look at this scarf. Isn’t it gorgeous? It’s not just any scarf, this beauty is handmade and was given to me as a Christmas present from a very close friend and fellow colleague, Priya. The best gift EVER! I love everything about it from its colour to the intricate detailing. As some of you should know green is my favourite colour and this minty shade brings something fresh to the table. Green is a colour that can go terribly wrong but if the right shade/hue is used it can make for a good garment. Priya’s choice of a pastel pallet is perfect and it really just highlights the amount of detail she has put into this scarf. I love the woven pattern with the leaf like looking detail but lets not forget the tassel ends. Gotta love a bit of a tassel. It just gives the whole thing movement and it gives me something else to shake if you know what I mean. Anyways moving on.

Lastly let’s just take in this beautiful fringed clutch from Dr. Martens. Another brand that I can’t get enough of. If anything you could say I’m literally always sliding into the DM’s. As always I must have something matching in my outfits. So why not keep it simple and classic by matching the accessory with the shoes. What do you think?

– I’ve added the link for the Super Soft Knitted Hybrid Jumper in Raspberry (which I also have) as the Navy is no longer online –